Sweatshirt with a Twist

Just when you thought that sweatshirts couldn’t get any prettier, an online shop from Malaysia introduced some interesting twist to our favorite long-sleeve tees. As we all know, sweatshirts or long-sleeve tees are fashion staples here in Malaysia due to some dress
codes. So finding the best sweatshirt is always a part of most women’s shopping experience.
Sweatshirt’s Role in Fashion

Even beyond Malaysia, sweatshirts or tees has been regarded as a high-fashion apparel, with so many famous celebrities effortlessly rotting these tops. And this trend is not just limited to women. Even men can be seen joining the sweatshirt trend. Sweatshirts used to
be a piece of clothing that you would only choose to wear for a lazy weekend home stay, or for a cozy wear for a long trip. But today, sweatshirts are ruling the fashion realm like any
trendy apparel we’ve known.

Thanks to the brilliant minds of designers, there are now so many stylish sweatshirts design that there’s really no need to worry about looking to homey or slouchy while wearing it. There’s already a design for every fashion style. If you’re leaning towards the loIMG_9735_largeud side,
there are statement sweatshirts for you. If you are more of the safe and minimalist one, you
will also never run out of plain, simple cut of sweatshirts. One of the great things about sweatshirt is that it is not weather-limited. Meaning, unlike other fashion favorites like leather jacket, boots, or floral dress, sweatshirt can be worn regardless of the season and weather of the day. As long as you pick the ones with high quality fabric, you can be assured to feel comfortable all day and night long.

One brand that offers comfortable sweatshirt pieces is Milktee. Since the brand is already known for their cozy and versatile pieces, it’s no surprise how their own sweatshirt collection on their website also lived up to the expectation. Not only that, the online also introduced so many new and unique sweatshirt designs that you can wear even for special occasions.

One classic example is their round top sweatshirt, which features a full round cutting bodice. It has a loose fit, but the round cut makes it classy and attractive enough. You can easily pair it with a fitted skirt or your favorite skinny jeans. A personal favorite would actually be their long blouses. It still belongs to their collection of sweatshirts, but for me these long blouses are just so versatile.
I can wear it as a dress, but I can also easily pair it with a leggings, shorts, and skirt. Long
blouses look laid back yet girly enough, which makes it worthy to be fashion staple, too.
If you are the type who is not into loose fitting, then you can also go for Milktee’s roundneck tees. It fits just like a regular shirt, except that it has long-sleeves. The fit actually look classy enough to be worn to the office, but you can also style it in a more laid back way by pairing it with denim jeans and sneakers. All of the sweatshirts from Milk Tee are made from knit fabric so you can be assured of ultimate comfort while wearing it.

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